Cheats for Pubg

Cheats For Pubg
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In 2017 the world of video games was revolutionized by the release of the trial version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which reached success even before its first version.

Years later it continues to maintain its popularity with millions of players around the world.

It is a Battle Royale style game where 100 competitors face each other. Win whoever is the last to stand. Players are thrown from an airplane and land on an island without having any type of equipment for their defense, mobility or attack.

They must travel the island to find weapons, defense equipment, vehicles and different materials while fighting with their opponents.

It is available for different platforms (PC, XBOX One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android), can be played first or third person, has a good level of realism, well designed maps and games are not too long can be played alone or as a team

As it usually happens with this type of games where the competition is very strong, shortly after its release it is possible to find tricks to improve the performance during the game and to win in a much simpler way to the enemies.

Some players decide to use a Pubg hack in order to beat strong competitors and make progress.

Pubg hack is nothing more than an application or program that runs at the same time as the game and allows you to perform a series of actions that even the most expert player could not do.

Hacks for Pubg

There are different types of hacks, but in the case of a shooting game it is not surprising that they are mainly oriented to the aim, therefore the Pubg Aimbot is the favorite hack, the most wanted and at the same time the most feared.

With a Pubg Aimbot all the shots that are made will hit the target so that in addition to finishing the enemy quickly and easily, not a single bullet will be wasted. Some incorporate a 3D and 2D radar that can be modified from the configuration.

Before deciding to use a Pubg Aimbot it must be taken into account that just as it is one of the hacks that cause the most damage to the enemy, it is also one of those that are easily recognized, so there is a risk that the account will be banned well. either temporarily or permanently.

If it is occasional players who do not have much to lose if they are discovered, it can be an alternative to stay in the game and win, but if it is professional or expert players who participate in a tournament, its use is not recommended under no concept, since it is punished not only with the expulsion of the competition but also with the suspension for a long period, without counting the damage it does to its reputation as a player.

Pubg Aimbot really work, they are used in a simple way and clearly allow to obtain a great advantage over competitors.

The biggest problem (besides the risk of banning) is finding them. In the network there are many offers that promise any number of benefits, but not all are what they claim to be, especially free access.

In short, with Pubg Aimbot it is possible to fine-tune the aim, eliminating the recoil and shaking in range mode and it is possible to hit all the shots.

Besides the Pubg Aimbot there are other hacks like wallhack that allows to see through the walls locating the opponents as well as weapons and other type of elements.

Other tricks for Pubg

To win in Pubg it is not necessary to use hacks like Pubg Aimbot (however tempting it may be). Although many do, others find it much more satisfying to earn on their own merit without cheating.

There are other types of tricks that are perfectly legal that are based on strategies, ways to configure the game and actions that are performed to improve performance.

For example, to optimize the game to the maximum by increasing the FPS and have an advantage you can do the following:

In the “Vegetation” section, check that the lowest option is selected so that the map is seen with the minimum possible vegetation. Although the vegetation allows to show a more realistic perception, it is not really useful.

Regarding the configuration of the textures it is important to note that it significantly affects the frame rate per second and since there is no notable difference between high and ultra, to get a FPS it is advisable to leave it high.

Now, as it is to suppose the tricks related to the aim are of extreme importance in this type of games. In Pubg there are two targeting modes, first and third person. The advisable thing is to alternate between one and another depending on the situation.

For example, when it is moving or hidden, it is best to go with the camera in the third person and point from that view. This modality allows to obtain a better reference of the environment.

But if you enter a dangerous area or have seen an enemy it is recommended to change the first person to get a more accurate aim in addition to better use the equipped sight.

On the other hand there are things that should be avoided during games to reduce the risk of being eliminated easily. One of them is to run outdoors, this allows to be an easy target since the players usually remain on the lookout to finish off as many opponents as possible.

Entering a building with open doors is not a good idea either, in principle because surely another player was there and the loot has been taken and on the other hand it is possible that he is in the vicinity waiting to eliminate his enemies.

Starting a fight without first analyzing the weapons that are counted and the enemies you will face can be deadly. It is best to plan and be patient before engaging in a fight that may cost the elimination.

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