Play Pubg with aimbot

Play Pubg With Aimbot
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Named the best game of 2018 by Steam, the main platform for the digital sale of PC games, Pubg remains within the market giving the fight even against major competitors such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Despite having spent months on sale in beta, with some errors and technical problems came to position as one of the favorites of the public reaching the shortly after its release quite interesting figures.

Its concept is simple and simple, on an island located in the middle of the ocean land 100 players who must look for weapons, clothing and other objects that serve both to attack and to defend against opposites.

As the game progresses, the space where the players unfold is shortened which encourages constant confrontations.

The winner will be the last one to be alive.

Nowadays it is available for several platforms, this is how it can be played on the PC, Xbox, Android devices and PS4.

Like other Battle Royale style games, the competition is strong and the desire to win even more. Both expert and novice players face the game, the latter being easily eliminated by the former.

Logically, beginners look for ways to have some opportunity and sometimes make use of so-called hacks. The hacks also known as cheats are small programs that can alter the operation of the game with the object that the player can perform actions that normally could not do or in such case would be really difficult even for the most expert.

There are different types of hacks depending on the action they allow to execute. This is how they are mod, aimbot, wallhack, among others.

Aimbot for pubg

When talking about aimbot, reference is made to a hack designed to improve the aim of shooting games such as Pubg.

When using this type of automated aiming software you get a clear advantage over the adversaries since the main function of this hacks is to make all the shots hit the target, which is usually the enemy’s head.

The aimbot allows you to link a mouse button or a key (if played on PC) to the aiming and blocking functions, this automatically points to any opponent in the line of sight.

In addition to the aim, a trigger button is configured so that it also automatically triggers and of course it hits.

The function can be activated by a single user when playing with a partner or team of several people.

The aimbots are undoubtedly one of the most powerful and effective hacks to eliminate quickly and easily a large number of opponents. But along with its effectiveness is the fact that it is one of the hacks that are detected more easily.

During the medium and long range combat, the use of the aimbot can be noticed by the other players who will not hesitate to inform and report to whoever seems suspicious.

Recall that the use of hacks is not accepted and although it is true that it is often recommended to have it as an option in case competition becomes very difficult and not as a fixed resource.

In addition to the risk of blocking the account and the prohibition of participating in tournaments and international competitions and high level, winning just to use aimbot does not have much grace.

If it is used to have some opportunity while practicing and acquiring skills, it is not something so serious, but to make excessive use of it and even use it to advance in tournaments and high level competitions, to be honest it damages the environment of the game and It does not provide the same satisfaction.

Risks of the aimbot

The creator of the game, Brenda “PlayerUnknow” Greene decided to take matters into his own hands to avoid the proliferation of what he considered to be cheaters, that is, those who used hacks, especially aimbot.

In August 2017, shortly after the launch of the game, 150,000 accounts had already been blocked, of which 50,000 were permanently eliminated.

There is the possibility to play again by paying the game again, to repeat the most likely to be detected by the system and blocked again.

If the software used is good enough and manages to pass the security mechanisms, there is still a risk factor, which is usually much more powerful than any security system: the players themselves.

The players are always attentive and are able to realize when another player is using the aimbot. These suspicious players are reported and if they are found guilty, their account is blocked.

So if you want to use aimbots or any other hacks, it is best to do so with a lot of discretion. Reserve it only for emergencies and not get used to playing and win only for him.

Where to get aimbot for Pubg

The aimbots for Pubg can be obtained in two ways: free or paying.

The first natural reaction is to go for the free option, the problem with this option is that it is somewhat difficult to get one that really works or at least as expected.

In addition to that, many of the download links only try to get money for advertising or get the data of users and then bombard them with ads and promotions.

The payment option may be a little more reliable, but it also implies some risks among them that do not have the features offered, that are detected and even contain malicious code.

The aimbots that are obtained through a subscription usually offer a trial period of a few days that can range from two weeks to a month for the user to use it for free and if it meets their expectations, after completing that period, make your subscription.

The subscription offers more features, updates and even technical support.

It is clear that this option is more attractive than free, but it is recommended before deciding on a special one, consult the comments, opinions and experiences of other users.

If there is a known term in the world of video games that is hacks. Hacks are considered a cheat, which is why their use can be grounds for account banement and temporary or definitive expulsion.

It is possible to find different opinions about it, some support it by claiming that they serve to balance the balance a bit between expert and novice players as well as among those who have more possibilities to buy weapons, equipment and other objects as the game progresses, arguing which earns the most pay.

Others, on the contrary, categorically condemn the use of these tricks because they consider that the advantage obtained over other competitors has nothing to do with the player’s abilities and reduces the possibility of winning those who do not use them.

As a result, the game tends to lose followers and the number of players decreases as no one likes to compete with cheaters. This is where the creators of the game are affected as well, who may perceive significant losses of money.

Now, despite all the above is a reality that exist and have been used by almost all players. For some they have been only an eventual resource while others have become accustomed in such a way to them, that they do not know how to play otherwise.

For many, determining whether the use of hacks is good or bad depends on several factors such as frequency and timing. If it is used in a game between friends and more than anything to play a joke to the companions, it is not bad to die.

Now, if it is a tournament or international competition, the thing changes, since we are talking about another level, which can also harm the entire team and the competition in general.

When a video game is released, it often happens that hackers have done their work in a short time so you can find different types of tricks.

This happens especially when the games reach an important level of popularity and the competition is quite strong.

Pubg is one of those games that a few days after its release was in the sights of hackers, due to the great acceptance it had despite the fact that for several months it was only available in its beta version, which presented some flaws technical and errors.

The massive battle style of the game where the last one standing wins, lends itself to the use of hacks, especially the dreaded aimbot.

Aimbot for Pubg

Coming from English aim that means aiming and robot bot, the aimbot is one of the most feared but at the same time more downloaded hacks, since the damage it causes to the enemy is deadly.

The aimbot is the hacks par excellence for the games of shots since it allows to sharpen the aim and therefore to hit in the target each shot that is made, without caring if it is running, jumping, swimming, etc.

The hack takes control of the player’s objective and aims with total precision at any other player in the line of sight.

On the other hand, it usually incorporates the automatic firing function that it executes whenever it realizes that there are no obstacles to reach the contrary.

While it is one of the hacks that causes most damage and that allows to eliminate effortlessly a large number of enemies, it is also easily detected not only by anti-hack systems that incorporate video games but by other players.

To avoid being detected and consequently banned, you must use the aimbot with caution, avoiding that all shots go to the head, trying to simulate a natural behavior that does not raise suspicions.

If you want to use this hack, just do a search on the internet. Next, a series of options will be shown, some of which are paid and others free. According to the experience of many players, you have to be careful with the free ones since they are usually scams that only lead to advertising links.

As for the payment, it must be said that they are not exempt from danger but can be somewhat safer than the previous ones. Even so, we must be aware that there is always a certain type of risk, including viruses, malicious codes and above all, that they do not do everything they promise.

Another important point to take into account is the platform. Recall that Pubg is a multiplatform game, which means that it can be played with different operating systems.

This is how aimbot exists for the PC, PS4, Xbox and mobile devices version.

As for the latter it is a simple trick in which the mod (application) will point and fire with the push of a button.

It is obvious that this trick offers the player a great advantage when aiming automatically avoiding any effort or possible error. The point-and-shoot code is installed on the user’s side.

It is available in the form of improved support for many of the iOS and Android games.

As already mentioned above, the use of hacks especially aimbots should be done with great caution especially taking into account that the anti-hack security codes are becoming more sophisticated every day.

Do not shoot through the walls, keep the index of accuracy low, limit the speed of the shot and not always shoot at the head are some tricks that can be put into practice to avoid being detected by both the game and the other players.

In addition to the aimbot there are other hacks, some cause damage to the enemy, others simply facilitate getting rewards, objects and weapons.

In conclusion, using hacks as well as being an advantage also implies risks, can damage a competition and cause the account to be blocked.

If you want to use despite that, it is advisable to be cautious and not to exceed.


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