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Those who like videogames, names like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Pubg are part of their everyday life. Even for those who do not consider themselves fanatics, they have surely heard about them.

Fortnite, for example, has made fashionable the particular dance of some of its characters, so much so that even those who do not play, even if it is by name, knows it.

But what perhaps not everyone knows is that it was Pubg (Player Unknow Battle Ground) the inspiration of Fortnite and other games of this style.

Pubg is a multiplayer title that takes place on an island where 100 competitors must fight each other to be the last to be alive.

During the competition they must find weapons, food, equipment and materials to build shelters. As the game progresses, the space where the players develop is getting shorter, therefore the confrontations increase and the emotion also.

It usually happens that novice players or beginners are frustrated if they have been touched by a group where there are expert competitors. The latter leave practically neutralized beginners with no opportunity to advance or stay long in the game.

This is one of the reasons why some tend to resort to the use of so-called hacks. A hack is a software that is used when the game is executed and that allows to carry out effective actions against the enemies, to obtain rewards, weapons, etc … without making major effort.

As is to be expected, players who use hacks have a great advantage over others and therefore its use is very frowned upon as a cheat. When the use of hacks is detected by security systems that include video games, the account is blocked.

If it manages to circumvent these systems, the same players serve as guardians of the game because when observing the behavior of some competitor that is exceptionally good, it is reported and surely blocked.

It should be noted that a player is not reported for being good, but for doing things that even the most expert can not achieve.

The Pubg hacks

Hacks have been developed for almost all video games and Pubg is not the exception. Each of them is focused on a specific action, for example aim, speed, strength, etc.

There are some hacks that are not taken into account because they do not cause great damage in the opposite as the speed hack that basically allows the player to save himself from the shots.

However, the speed achieved is such that the use of the trick is clearly evident, so the player is surely sanctioned.

Another one of the most common hacks but that in contrast to the previous one is difficult to detect, is the ability to see through the walls. This hack is very useful because it allows to know the location of the enemies and surprise them.

There are many others, such as quick looting and extensible arms, but without a doubt the most feared of all is the aimbot.

Pubg aimbot

The aimbots are probably the type of hacks that bother many but that others crave. Why? Because it takes control of the player’s goal and automatically directs it towards opponents.

With this obviously a perfect aim is obtained and therefore 100% of successes when firing what supposes an effective and fast elimination of the enemies and the saving of bullets.

Also some include the option of automatic firing which means that if you are in a position where there are no obstacles to reach the opponent, the hack will fire at once.

Using aimbot when playing Pubg has many advantages over the elimination of the enemy but it is also one of the hacks that are detected more easily by both the games and the other participants.

To avoid being detected using aimbots, it is advisable not to shoot through the walls, avoid shots to the head, try to maintain a good distance from the Killcams or repetitions, limit the aiming and shooting speed as well as keep the accuracy low.

These actions reduce the risk of being detected a bit. Using aimbot without being blocked requires discretion, intelligence and cunning. Otherwise, far from being beneficial may be the opposite.

Better with aimbot or without aimbot?

The answer to this question is totally subjective. Many will say that they need it to be able to last some games since the most experienced players do not give them a chance at anything. Others will say it is cheating and that its use is not justified under any circumstances. And not to mention the creators for whom many hacks represent large losses of money.

But one thing is true, winning by using tricks and not own skills the truth takes most of the fun out of the game, besides ruining it for everyone else since no one likes to play knowing that it is going to lose because others cheat.

Get an aimbot for Pubg

There are many offers in the market of aimbot for Pubg. The first thing that should be considered is the platform that is used, since there may be variations in the hacks depending on that.

Another point to consider is if you want to pay for it or get it for free. The aimbots that can be downloaded for free are rarely what they claim to be, on the contrary they end up being links to earn money with advertising.

Now, if you are so anxious to win and you want to pay to get advantage in the game, you can usually try the software for a few days before making the subscription.

These aimbots claim to be undetectable, effective and some offer support as well as constant updates.

The decision to use aimbots or not depends on each player, there are those who do not use only a few times either to play a joke on some colleagues or to be able to overcome some levels, there are others who are obsessed with winning and use any means to do so.

The general recommendation is not to forget that the idea of games is healthy fun, beyond winning or losing.

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